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Sablayan Adventure Camp Beach Resort

Welcome to Adventure Camp

Sablayan is an old visayan term that means "where the waves meet"
and your great adventure begins here



A beach resort conveniently located within the town proper of Sablayan. Two small islands in front provides natural protection from the elements as well as refuge for tropical fishes. A sand bar around the beach is a nice place for early morning or late afternoon walks. While a small fishing village provides us with fresh seafoods. A public market, a town plaza and a Catholic Church is just minutes away by tricycle.

The 4-hectare property of the resort is planted with fruit bearing and forest trees such as coconut, calamansi, mango, guava, acacia and Talisay. The main building houses the restaurant, bar and dive shop. Beside this is a 200 sqm open air hall for weddings and seminars. Guests can be accommodated in 5 separate villas with individual toilet and bath with hot water shower.

Carolina Adventure Camp


Stay with us in Sablayan

From a single room to a two-story duplex, all our rooms are uniquely designed to showcase the craftmanship of Mindoro, each with individual toilet and bath. We will tailor a package to fit your budget and meet your needs.

Apo Reef Diving

Explore Philippine Marine Wonders

The two primary dive sites are Pandan Island which is 15 minutes away and Apo Reef Natural Marine Sanctuary which is 2 hours away from Adventure Camp. We have a resort-based dive school, complete with equipment and dive masters.


We can also organize a dive or snorkeling package tour to make your vacation convenient and enjoyable.

Bonfire Adventure Camp


Experience Sablayan Wilderness

Unplug and connect with nature! Experience a forest-like camping inside a beach resort. Our campsite is surrounded by coconut trees and the breeze of the sea. We also offer inland tours such as Mt. Iglit Tamaraw Reservation (several days needed) and Sablayan Penal Colony Tour (day tour).



We are located along the beachfront of the provincial town of Sablayan in the beautiful island of Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. Sablayan, a key municipality of Occidental Mindoro, belongs to to the Southern Tagalog Region of the Luzon Islands. It is the largest municipality of the province, strategically located at the center. The name "Sablayan " was from an old Visayan term meaning "where the waves meet" offering a "haven" to seafarers seeking refuge during rough waters. Sablayan of today is a home to multi-ethnoliguistic group blending harmoniously with the Mangyans, the first inhabitants of the islands. Information courtesy of the Hon. Mayor Godofredo B. Mintu and the Local Government of Sablayan

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Beach Resort

Punta Poblacion

Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro


Phone: (+02) 8821 1875
Mobile: (+63) 995 340 7818

Mobile: (+63) 917 841 9924

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